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Channeling Younger Demographics through Instagram and Snapchat

Posted on Nov 24, 2014 by
Historically, Amazon’s approach to social has been to use networks as promotional territory. However, brands’ primary vehicle for social engagement, Facebook, is forcing them to switch up their strategies and move away from strictly promotional content.  In the past few months, Facebook has vehemently cracked down on brands pushing purely promotional content; if brands want a strong presence on Facebook today they either have to pay for advertising or produce engaging content relevant to their audiences’ lifestyles and interests.  However, if you look at some of Amazon’s latest Facebook posts – they are still heavily promotional. As a result of […] Continue reading

News You Can Use – November 21, 2014

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 by
It's Friday and it's okay if you've missed this week's top digital stories. We've got you covered: from Yahoo's search win to Snapchat's Snapcash here's a look at some of the stories that shaped this week's news. Continue reading

Why Does Google Want to Crawl CSS and JS?

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 by
In our experience, when Google offers webmasters a new tool or makes a specific technical recommendation, it’s not without some basis in their algorithm – meaning, they aren’t purists who simply want technical perfection, they use technical guidelines to support larger goals their system is trying to achieve – like more relevant and/or less spammy websites in their organic rankings. A recent Google Webmaster Blog post, Updating our Technical Webmaster Guidelines, supports this perspective. In Google’s post, the search giant suggests webmasters allow their spider to crawl the site’s CSS and JS files. While Google is constantly evaluating and updating their […] Continue reading

Maturing With the Times

Posted on Nov 19, 2014 by
Mature demographics today are not what they were 5 years ago and not what they will be 5 years from now. 59% of 65+ year olds embraced online in 2013, a 6% increase from 2012 with all signs pointing toward continued digital adoption among this generation. With an increasing level of comfort and growing digital dependence, marketers cannot afford to continue to communicate with the maturing population using the same strategies and sentiments that have worked in previous years. Just as is the case with younger age groups, there is increasing variance across lifestyle, financial status and behavior among aging […] Continue reading


Posted on Nov 13, 2014 by
2014 has been a transformative year for Instagram. While 2013 brought a Facebook acquisition and videos into the mix, in 2014 the platform has been able to prove its value to brands and solidify its future. Instagram has always been a retailer’s dream. From its inception fashion bloggers and style mavens flocked to the platform to share their #OOTD (outfit of the day), brand purchases and fashion wish lists. Their legions of followers followed them from their blogs to the platform, which made brands stop and take notice of the power that a highly stylized social image could invoke. In […] Continue reading

News You Can Use – November 7, 2014

Posted on Nov 07, 2014 by
It's Friday and it's okay if you've missed this week's top digital stories. We've got you covered: from Microsoft's big breakup to Facebook's humanitarian efforts, here's a snapshot of some of the stories that shaped this week's news. Continue reading

Q3 2014 Search Rewind: How Google Shopping Campaigns, Multiple Devices and Mobile Transactions Shaped Online Retail Performance in Q3

Posted on Nov 06, 2014 by
As you wind down your preparations for the start of Holiday 2014, one way of ensuring that you are optimizing your paid search and SEO campaigns going forward is to look back. Our new Search Rewind: Retail Trends, Benchmarks & Insights for Q3 2014 explores the paid search and natural search performance for clients in the online retail vertical throughout the quarter. Propelled by Back to School and early Fall shopping, online retailed gained stead momentum throughout the course of the quarter that will likely pick up pace throughout the Holiday shopping season. Some of the ecommerce trends that dominated Q3 […] Continue reading