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Using the Four Pillars of Optimization to Recapture Online Market Share

Posted on Feb 24, 2011 by
By focusing on the four pillars of search, a retailer can shape the market and maximize its unique advantages. Continue reading

SEO in the Limelight

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 by
From the rise of Demand Media as a public company to coverage of JCPenney’s dubious SEO techniques, it has been quite a week for natural search news. Continue reading

JCPenney and the Evolution of Facebook E-Commerce

Posted on Feb 08, 2011 by
When JC Penney launches an Facebook effort, questions abound about whether or not it’s a best practice and one that should be emulated by other retailers. Continue reading

Rewind Paid Search Performance Index: January 2011

Posted on Feb 04, 2011 by
PM Digital January 2011 Rewind Index shows that year-over-year revenue from paid search was up 36%. Continue reading
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