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Designing for SEO

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 by
What does it mean to design for SEO? Designing with SEO in mind is primarily about balancing user experience and brand goals with the SEO “needs” of search engines. We see the major elements of this as: Indexation As a primary goal, PM Digital makes sure the sites they are designing are able to be indexed by search engines. Sure, this means avoiding 100% Flash websites and splash pages but, moreover, this means using CSS and web fonts to control the display of text copy rather than simply rendering it all as an image. (Images of text cannot be crawled and […] Continue reading

PM Digital Partners with BloomReach to Increase Relevancy & Efficiency

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 by
Within both paid search and SEO, it is imperative that listings drive users to pages that are relevant to their search queries. It no longer suffices to shuffle online shoppers to a brand homepage and hope they will have the patience to navigate to a page that serves their specific interest. Brands need to efficiently serve landing pages that resonate with customer interests and streamline the online shopping experience. To help brands optimize their product catalogs to match what consumers are seeking across both SEO and SEM channels, BloomReach offers their “content discovery platform”. Their technology allows brands to maximize […] Continue reading

Keyword Not Provided in Google Adwords – Privacy or PR?

Posted on Jun 16, 2014 by
Privacy: how to achieve, maintain and, of course, publicize it has become one of Google’s biggest brand headaches of the year. The NSA debacle raised public awareness on our (lack of) digital privacy and, since that time, Google has increasingly come under fire on issues of transparency and a consumer’s right to control how they are being tracked. In digital marketing circles, one of the most talked-about ways Google started securing consumer privacy was by encrypting referring organic search query information sent to site owners, resulting in what is now notoriously referred to as keyword “not provided”.   This started as […] Continue reading

Privacy Engine DuckDuckGo Has Re-Launched – Do Searchers Even Care?

Posted on Jun 05, 2014 by
Privacy is now top of mind for all major search engines, but one – DuckDuckGo- seems to be beating out even Google in this regard. In the wake of the “Right to be Forgotten” and “Keyword Not Provided” announcements, Google is being forced to answer to widespread consumer privacy demands. However, DuckDuckGo and its recent re-release, is cemented in a foundation of user privacy, and if the search engine really catches on among users, Google may be forced to play catch up. DuckDuckGo offers two elements of privacy that consciously diverge from Google’s search model: First, it’s not that DuckDuckGo […] Continue reading

Google Will Include Schema-Level Information – With or Without You

Posted on May 02, 2014 by
A recently-released study by Searchmetrics indicates very few sites are optimizing their search presence using schema markup, and those that do are generally focused on movie information and (to a lesser extent) TV and product/offer information.  Google has made it clear through their continued integration of schema that they feel this kind of supplemental information enhances consumers’ experience but brands continue to lag in their inclusion of the markup on their sites. We’ve outlined the value of schema markup in previous blog entries so, rather than beat that drum again, let’s take a look at Google’s newest use of schema […] Continue reading

“Softening” Google Panda via Co-Citation

Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by
At PM Digital, we always have our ear to the ground, listening for the first indication of changes to search engines’ organic and paid listings. This is why we often notify our readers of potential or just-published updates to Google’s Panda algorithm; helping our readers turn what is often diffused forum buzz into actionable insights. Monday’s post by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable piqued our interest because it highlighted what many are talking about as a “soft” or “silent” impending Panda update. It’s a bit too early to tell whether, in fact, an update is taking place (the MOZCASTs from […] Continue reading