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Benefits of Bidding on Branded Keywords

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 by
Go against conventionality and bid on your own branded terms.  Regardless of which new campaign formats or extensions Google has released this month, a steadfast concern among paid media marketers will always be cost-efficiency. Is your campaign getting the most bang without spending unnecessary bucks? Paid media marketers will always, and should always, examine their campaign strategies to find areas where, perhaps, dollars are going to waste. Economizing campaigns is a necessary skill. With that said, however, it might be time for paid media marketers to reconsider some conventional budgetary wisdom, most notably, the lesson that brand marketers should never […] Continue reading

Holiday Homestretch: Where We Are & What’s Left

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 by
We’re here – the final big week of the online holiday shopping season. Thursday, December 18th is the industry’s Free Shipping Day,  which marks the unofficial end to guaranteed delivery by Christmas. So looking back over the course of the season, how is online retail performance shaping up? Thanks to a strong push Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday, the season started off with tremendous growth for PM Digital’s retail paid search clients. While growth volume has slowed, paid search is still showing an average of 15%  revenue and order growth year over year for the season to date. Impressions have shown […] Continue reading

Green Monday Takes the Bronze

Posted on Dec 10, 2014 by
Green Monday hasn’t become part of the everyday lexicon for shoppers the way that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have, but for both PM Digital’s retail clients and ComScore, it’s the third highest sales day to date this Holiday season. Here’s how the season is stacking up so far: With so much growth early in the season on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, PM Digital’s clients are beginning to see some leveling out in sales volume, with Green Monday reporting flat revenue year over year – driven by a small increase in orders, but a similar percentage drop in AOV.  AOV will […] Continue reading

Growth Slows on Cyber Monday – But No Complaining – Sales were up 18%!

Posted on Dec 02, 2014 by
Cyber Monday is arguably the most sophisticated day in paid search of the Holiday season. Since this was always an online shopping day, retailers have long strategized with both paid search budgets and promotions. This year was no exception — and while the day started off slowly, with the bulk of the revenue growth coming in after 5 pm (leaving many search marketers nervous all day long!) – PM Digital’s retail clients reported 18% growth in revenue year over year. This is more than twice what the overall ecommerce industry reported, citing just 8.1% growth online for Cyber Monday. With […] Continue reading

‘Twas the Start of the Holiday Shopping Season – A Thanksgiving Recap

Posted on Nov 28, 2014 by
The Thanksgiving holiday was off to a stressful start, with Winter storm Cato disrupting travel – and retailers’ – plans. With shoppers in the northeast trapped inside, people did a lot of searching and clicking, but too much browsing the day before Thanksgiving. PM Digital’s paid search clients reported revenue up 26% Wednesday compared to last year’s Thanksgiving eve, but with spend up 28%.    Brands just might be training their customers too well – consumers know the big deals now kick in on Thanksgiving Day, and the conversion increase followed. Thanksgiving Day, PM Digital’s paid search clients were up […] Continue reading

Google Changes: The Facts & One Search Marketer’s Perspective

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 by
Today Google unveiled some AdWords changes  and I have to say – I applaud Google for rolling out some initiatives that will make advertisers’ lives/campaigns easier to manage. I feel like it’s been a long time since Google did major work in AdWords, and today felt like agencies and other power Google users were given a nod – a “thanks, we know you’re working hard, and we can help”, if you will. I thank them right back. Below are some highlights: The changes fell into three categories:  Innovative Ads The facts: New App Advertising opportunities were revealed that run across […] Continue reading

The Google Change that Wasn’t

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 by
We’ve gotten used to big announcements from Google – we are well trained to expect one a year.  In 2012 Product Listing Ads went from a free to a paid model, in 2013 it was the monstrous Enhanced Campaigns transition, and since the transition to Google Shopping Campaigns is not a game changer, we thought maybe this announcement was the big one of 2014: Google brings ‘Not Provided’ to paid ads  . But despite all the worry, chatter, and speculation around what Google will do with paid search query data – and the fact that Google’s own statement wasn’t necessarily easily […] Continue reading