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Creative Crowdsourcing Contest: Starbucks Follows its Artistic Audience’s Lead

Posted on May 14, 2014 by
Starbucks is no stranger to innovation in the digital space – the brand has been lauded for its proactive approach to embracing social and digital media within its brand culture. Their latest foray into digital engagement, however, highlights the customer-centric philosophy that now serves as the foundation of their branded campaigns. Recently, Starbucks took notice of a growing trend among its customers: turning the brand’s iconic, stark white cups into personal art canvases. Whether daily coffee inspired a burst of creativity or customers decided to play off barista’s notorious misspelling of names, coffee patrons found another touch point in which […] Continue reading

Social Proof is the New Brand Currency

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 by
The cardinal goal for all retailers is to sell products that will bring in revenue, and lots of it. However, some retailers have begun to shift their thinking away from just dollar signs and toward the value of a product beyond the price tag. Since the inception of social media, social marketers have had to battle steadfast CMOs to prove the intangible value of social media.  However, those days may soon be behind them as more retailers begin to not only accept, but embrace social media as a value-add in its own right. One of the main appeals of social […] Continue reading

Native or Relevant: What Matters More for Branded Content?

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 by
Native ads dominated advertising talk in 2013 and now represent the new normal; although brands and platforms have been engaging in sponsored content for quite some time, the Sochi Games have served as the perfect global launching to affect this strategy across every channel and in front of every audience. Athletes, with their vast social followings, are the latest influencers to be tapped by brands to facilitate sponsored content across social platforms. Athletes, like U.S. Figure Skater Gracie Gold, have been documented tweeting on behalf of brands looking to insert themselves into the engagement frenzy that is surrounding the Olympics. […] Continue reading

Going for the Gold: Social Media at the Sochi Olympics Games

Posted on Feb 06, 2014 by
The Vancouver Games in 2010 were the first true manifestation of the impact that social networks could have on a worldwide stage. Brands and fans posted pictures of the events to Facebook, athletes tweeted about their experiences in Olympic Village, and the world felt as though they had a personal backstage pass to this iconic event. Fast forward two years to the 2012 Summer Games in London and social media’s impact was no longer a novelty, but a major influencer. Twitter and Facebook evolved from mere novelty platforms to a source of breaking news so that no matter when or […] Continue reading

#JetBlue: Fliers and Mobile First

Posted on Jan 13, 2014 by
The era of luxury airline travel is long gone; as more people began to take to the “friendly” skies and more airlines struggled to retain profits, we were all forced to concede that travel is no longer about the experience and now only about time and money. Travelers eventually found this environment to be exhaustive and unpleasant, and JetBlue saw an opening as an airline that represented everything traditional airlines seemed to have forgotten: their customers. Since its inception in 1999, the company has promoted itself as the hipper, trendier, more user-friendly next generation of aircraft carriers. The brand saw […] Continue reading


Posted on Dec 17, 2013 by
The year of the … hashtag Back in 2007 they were seen simply as social media novelties, but now hashtags have evolved beyond our social accounts and ingrained themselves in our vernacular. No longer relegated to just social networks, these symbols are now included in almost every commercial, advertisement, news publication, and, even every day conversation. Although almost all facets of our culture are now associated with a pound symbol and a phrase, there are some hashtags that stand out because they were able to ignite worldwide engagement across groups, individuals and social platforms. Hashtags provide a vehicle in which […] Continue reading