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Maintaining High Performance When Impressions are Low

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 by
There is a logical correlation between impressions and Click Thru Rates.  It is a common thought that if ad impressions drop, less people will be exposed to your brand/product on the SERP which will lead to less clicks. In some ways this is true as volume of impressions does lead to volume of clicks. But over the course of the past year, some brand marketers have noticed a new phenomenon: impressions declining and clicks rising. It seems completely backwards to think that brands are getting more clicks with less impressions, but thanks to more sophisticated targeting, it’s happening and marketers […] Continue reading

How to Leverage Winter Weather to Drive Sales: Search and Social Tips

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 by
Winter Storm Juno is upon us. Weather experts are predicting more than 2 feet of snow for the Northeast, potentially affecting up to 28 million people. Blizzard warnings are already in effect from Maine down through the New Jersey shore and expected to last through Tuesday night. As we’ve reported previously, weather has become an increasingly important influence on consumer buying behavior, along with consumer confidence, unemployment, current events, and discretionary income fluctuations. Weather can impact retail – both bricks-and-mortar and ecommerce – in distinct ways, ranging from significant increases in online traffic (shopping research) to an influx of interest on specific weather-related […] Continue reading

Holiday Wrap Up: The Gift to Retailers This Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 30, 2014 by
In November, comScore forecasted 16% growth in eCommerce Holiday sales this year.  We were optimistic based on their estimate, and it appears we had reason to be. On average, spanning Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, our retail clients saw a lift of 18% in revenue growth driven by Paid Search!  To no one’s surprise, Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Green Monday (respectively) rounded out the season as the top three revenue driving days.  The key generator of this growth, as well as the headline story this Holiday, is the staggering increase in total impressions (32%) driven largely by Product Listing Ads.  […] Continue reading

Free Shipping Day is Now Free Shipping + Day

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 by
Like Hallmark, which has successfully made up holidays to sell cards, our industry has come up with promotional events to bait more sales in the home stretch of Holiday shopping. FREE SHIPPING DAY (December 18th), as it has now been coined, marks the calendar as a key online Holiday shopping date.  More than 1,000 retailers offer free shipping, but a majority offer it daily during the Holiday season… so is this really a differentiating factor to spur incremental action on December 18th?  If the fact that retailers have now been creating combo offers to sweeten the deal is any indication, the […] Continue reading

2014 Holiday Season to Date

Posted on Dec 05, 2014 by
A Holiday Season recap through 12/4/14 Last Holiday, PM Digital reported that impressions were down 2% across our clients  for the entire season. We cited the big reason for this was the “Amazon-effect.” Well, the big news this season so far, is that impressions throughout this Holiday to date are up a whopping 24%. Does this mean Amazon is having less of an impact this season or is something else at play? Ding Ding… something else is most certainly at play… PRODUCT ADS! How did Google & Bing choose to offset the loss in impressions? They opted for more ads with double […] Continue reading

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain… Black Friday the Revenue Rainmaker!

Posted on Nov 29, 2014 by
According to CNBC, Black Friday online sales were up over 20%, and may even surpass 2013’s Cyber Monday to become the biggest shopping day in history. Paid search was a key contributor to the YoY sales growth for PM Digital retail clients, driving a 45% sales increase this Black Friday. Even with a 16% rise in CPCs and 56% more search investment, ROI only took an 8% hit – making this significant growth even sweeter. While this performance has many of our clients and associates doing the “happy dance” it is important to note that some brands were plagued by increased […] Continue reading

Google gets a 1-2 punch

Posted on Oct 06, 2014 by
When you’re Google you’re used to having a target on your back. Startups and enterprises challenging their products and ideas are nothing new, but two of their biggest competitors challenging two of their most commanding verticals at the same time is a different story. Both Facebook and Amazon have come out swinging in recent months with Display and Search initiatives, respectively. And rather than just playing catch-up to Google’s industry standards, both launches will give Amazon and Facebook significant advantages over their common frenemy. Facebook’s Hit Facebook has transcended far beyond an online engagement platform, now it’s an audience data […] Continue reading